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Who we are?

Pustówka Law Firm is a combination of experience and knowledge of two attorney. We offer services for physical and legal persons. We provide a broad range of services from legal advice, filing claims, representation before courts, national and local administration bodies to enforcement of payments. As our client you will receive individually prepared offer including all your expectations and needs for effective handling of individual case. By entrusting our services you are guaranteed of full professionalism and engagement of spouses running Pustówka Law Firm.

Adwokat Elżbieta Pustówka

Elżbieta Pustowka

Elżbieta Pustówka, a graduate of Jagiellonian University, Department of Law and Administration in Krakow, former lawyer of Polish Army unit, member of The Krakow Bar Association, a specialist in criminal, civil, economic, administrative and family law.

Adwokat Artur Pustówka

Artur Pustowka

Artur Pustówka, a graduate from Jagiellonian University, Department of Law and Administration in Krakow and a graduate from post-graduate studies in real estate trade, member of The Krakow Bar Association, a specialist in economic, criminal, civil, and administrative law.

What we do?

We offer the highest standard of customer service. Each case conducted by us is treated individually and with full engagement. All our clients receive full spectrum of assistance on each level of a case. We offer services in the following:

Prawo cywilne

Civil law

Representation in pre-litigation negotiations, pleading preparation, complex services in inheritance law, property law and obligations, in filing claims, in legal representation before courts and in pursuing claims.

Prawo karne

Criminal law

Defence in preparatory and court proceedings in cases dealing with criminal law, fiscal penal law, offences, performance protection rights, representation of a harmed person.

Prawo rodzinne

Family law

Representation in pre-litigation negotiations and legal representations before courts in proceedings for divorce, separation, marriage annulment, establishment of paternity, cases relating to parental authority, alimony payments, partition of property.

Prawo gospodarcze

Economic law

Preparation of draft contracts, assessing contracts, registration of partnerships and limited companies, representation in courts and public administration bodies.

Obsługa firm

Services for companies

Complex services for entrepreneurs – physical persons running business and commercial law companies.

Prawo podatkowe

Fiscal law

Consultation on fiscal law, assistance in proceedings before tax, customs and other offices as well as court representation.

Prawo autorskie

Copyright law

Preparation, assessment of issues relating to copyright law, industrial and intellectual property rights, legal representation before courts and patent office.

Prawo pracy

Labour law

Handling issues connected with industrial relations, legal advice in maintaining personal files of employees and in regulations.



Legal assistance in obtaining compensation due.


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